Remember when our predecessors said this?
“United we stand, divided we fall!”

Together, we can make change:
Solutions EGG350

That is what we want to do through sharing and discussing ideas. Solutions EGG350! Take a look at the information below for ways to help. Will you join the conversation?

Mind Map

Check out this creative path of solutions to global warming:

Plant Sales

Purchasing native plants for your home’s lawn or garden is an excellent way to begin doing your part in climate change and bring back insects, birds, and many other animals. Our friends at Chicago Living Corridors have put together a listing of sales. Check out the deals available across northern Illinois via this link. The list is organized by county to help you determine which location is best for you.

Healthy Soil

Dr. Donovan C. Wilkin discusses this in a document dated 03/06/2021. He writes about soil as an educator, ecosystem health as a product of evolution, what specifically is healthy soil, the magic of microorganisms, the magic of biodiversity, and the magic of post-carbon agroecosystems. Read his entire letter, entitled “The Magic Of Healthy Soil”, HERE.

Natural Climate

In a less than 4 minutes, Greta and George Monbiot explain in the video below what needs to be done to repair broken Earth. As Greta says, “Everything counts. What you do counts.” Check out the Natural Climate Solutions website for more information.

Myths Debunked

Saving the earth is not a selfless act, explains National Geographic ecologist Enric Sala. He debunks 5 myths about protecting the planet. Click the downloadable PDF below to read about these myths:
Conservation is an altruistic, bleeding-heart pursuit.
Conservation costs too much money.
Ending deforestation is at odds with meeting humanity’s needs.
We cannot protect more of the ocean because we need to fish more.
Humans are separate from nature.

Climate Solutions

Project Drawdown offers 6 short videos explaining what has to be done to implement climate change solutions identified by over 90 scientists and engineers. Check out the videos, starting with the trailer, via this link. Then, take action to start your climate solutions journey.

Recycling Solution

Ever wonder what to do with food storage containers that have surpassed their prime? Check out the program offered by Rubbermaid via this link and TerraCycle via this link as part of their commitment to sustainability. When it is time to upgrade to new containers, recycle the old via this option!

Bottles Back

The ad below might be familiar to you; it aired during Super Bowl LV (Sunday, 02/07/2021). America’s beverage companies are committed to getting every bottle back to help reduce waste and increase recycling efforts. To see what you can do to help their efforts, check out the dedicated Every Bottle Back website via this link.