The October EGG350 monthly gathering took place Monday, 10/18/2021, starting ~6:30p. The Zoom event featured a “share & support” style discussion. Read the meeting notes below for more.

Climate Solutions 101

EGG350 appreciates the positive reports received about this series. People liked the solutions approach.

Stay tuned for a recap of the Climate Solutions 101 presentation! A group of four articles will highlight information from each of the four sessions. Each article will cover one part of the series. The articles will be published in four consecutive weeks each Tuesday on EGG350’s website (& shared to the EGG350 Facebook page).

Code Red

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report shows ‘Code Red’ for human-driven global heating. The United Nations (UN) Chief advises strong and sustained reductions in emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas emissions could quickly make air quality better, while stabilizing global temperatures in 20-30 years. This is good news: we can stabilize the situation, if we work together NOW. Drawdown Climate Solutions offer many ways to do this, but the keyword is NOW.

Elgin Proposals

The Elgin Sustainability Commission is also working on the Code Red status.

One NOW step is electrification. With Elgin’s proposed municipal electrical renewable energy aggregation, all Elgin residential users might be on renewable energy through RECS, a way to certify the building of more renewable energy. EGG350 hopes the Elgin City Council passes this vote to proceed once again, with the price the SAME as ComEd. The contract involved would be for 2-3 years. Another option under consideration: create a Community Solar project for Elgin, through an electrical provider.

Actions Speak

Project Drawdown says everyone can reduce their Greenhouse Gas emissions about 50%. If we take action NOW to go greener, we can successfully do this.

CEJA Passed

The Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (to get Illinois 100% renewable energy by 2050) passed, putting Illinois in the top tier of states working on green actions. Governor JB Pritzker signed this landmark legislation into law, delivering on principles previously offered. CEJA also invests in training the diverse workforce for future jobs, establishes key ratepayer and residential customer protections, and priorities transparency and meaningful ethics reforms. Illinois is the first Midwest state to enact legislation to address the climate crises while building a sustainable economy for the future.

Next Monthly Meeting

This will be Monday, 11/15/2021, starting ~6:30p. The agenda is to be announced. Will you join us?

Meeting Notes

Submitted by Sandy Kaptain, Chair and Greeniac.


Now that you have read these meeting notes, continue by checking out the “Solutions EGG350” page for a list of ideas. Be sure to see EGG350’s “Solutions Flyer” and “Solutions Card”. Advise us if you want copies of either to share and distribute.

Plan to participate in the opportunities listed on the “Events EGG350” page. This is updated daily. What you do now will make a difference.

Patronize the businesses and organizations noted in the “Resources EGG350” page. These have the environment in mind and can offer you solutions and options. Make sure you are doing what you can NOW to help the climate crises.

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