The five largest sources of greenhouse gases are electricity, food, industry, transportation and buildings. Ahead of Part 2 of EGG350’s special Climate Solutions 101 Series (6:30p, Thursday, 09/23/2021), take time to read two articles and sign a petition. We need your help, participation and discussion to combat climate change.

5 Keys

Food & Water Watch offers five key takeaways from the latest Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change report.

1 = Climate change is here, escalating, and being driven by fossil fuels.
2 = Methane in particular is a key driver of climate chaos.
3 = We can still avoid the worst impacts of runaway climate change, but we must act now.
4 = We must immediately stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry and halt new fracking, pipelines, and other fossil fuel infrastructure.
5 = Biden must take bold action to lead us back from the climate cliff.

For detailed insight, read the complete article HERE.

4 Policies

The National Parks Conservation Association is focused on four policies to advance change.

1 = Reducing automotive emissions.
2 = Retiring power plants to clear haze pollution.
3 = Reducing methane, a potent climate-warming emission.
4 = Securing critical climate provisions in the federal budget.

For more information, read the complete article HERE.

1 Petition For Climate Change

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) begins in Glasgow, Scotland, 11/01/2021. This historic opportunity is the most important climate change talks since the Paris Agreement. World leaders will meet to make new climate commitments, with corporations releasing latest climate plans during the conference.

The time for YOU to act is NOW. To help put an end to fossil fuel finance and hold leader’s accountable to their prior promises, your signature is needed on a petition to cut off these funds. Join national by signing HERE.

Opportunities To Go Green

Many ways to go green-greener-greenest!

Check out ideas on the “Solutions EGG350” page HERE.

Plan to participate by attending options on the “Events EGG350” page HERE.

Frequent environmental businesses-organizations listed in the “Resources EGG350” page HERE.

How will you add your words and actions to the cause?

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