The August EGG350 monthly gathering took place IN PERSON Monday, 08/16/2021, starting ~6:30p at Hawthorne Hill Nature Center (HHNC). The event featured a look to a special EGG350 series and news. Read the meeting notes below for more.

Climate Solutions 101

Sandy K previewed this important upcoming EGG350 series. The presentation spans 4 weeks, starting Thursday, 09/16/2021. For details (links to register with Gail Borden Public Library, topics, hosts, panelists, etc.), please see the 07/29/2021 article “EGG350 Presents Climate Solutions 101 Series To Encourage Urgent Action” HERE.

Climate Rallies

Two of these will happen soon in our area. One will take place in Aurora, the other in Naperville. Details to be announced.

IPCC Report

Sandy K summarized the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) science report (the 1st IPCC update since 2013). Bottom line, some climate changes are ‘baked in’, but we can still avoid the worst results of climate change IF we act NOW.

5 key takeaways from the IPCC report:
We will pass 1.5C warming by 2040.
Human activity drives extreme weather.
We know more about regional climate impacts.
We are closer to irreversible landmarks.
Methane emissions are an important lever.

For analysis, check out the 08/09/2021 Climate Change News article HERE.

‘Kraut & Kefir

A special part of the evening was Robin M’s demonstration of making sauerkraut. She also shared a recipe for kefir.

Next Monthly Meeting

To encourage participation in the aforementioned Climate Solutions 101 series, EGG350 will NOT have a monthly meeting in September. The October gathering may return to Zoom, depending on the COVID-19 Delta variant. If we remain at HHNC, masks are required.

Meeting Notes

Submitted by Sandy Kaptain, Chair and Greeniac.


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