Three months ago, Elgin Area Climate Action Now presented a proposal for 100% renewable electricity aggregation by the City of Elgin.

Now, those who care about the climate crisis are needed THIS coming Tuesday at the Elgin Sustainability Commission meeting to speak in support of taking action.

ESC Meeting

The Elgin Sustainability Commission meets Tuesday, 07/13/2021, starting at 6p, in the Heritage Ball Room of the Edward Schock Centre of Elgin, 100 Symphony Way.

Meeting Agenda:

Proposal History

EA CAN presented the proposal at the ESC’s April 13 meeting. The commission has since done nothing, except to request a report from a city energy consultant.

In May, the ESC took the official action to have the consultant appear at the June convening, but that appearance did not happen. Instead, the consultant was scheduled for July.

But now, the consultant has been postponed to the August ESC meeting.

People To Speak In Support

The time to act is NOW. The climate crisis is upon us. Action to cut carbon emissions cannot be delayed more.

With the ESC not taking meaningful action, we need a more vigorous push and approach in the form of people to speak in support of the proposal to encourage action.

That’s where YOU become involved, speaking on behalf of the proposal this Tuesday evening.

Further motivation: should the City pass this proposal, Elginites would not need to sign up for community solar or have solar panels installed on rooftops.

The Proposal

“That Elgin as a municipality including all residential and small-business properties within city limits be provided with 100% renewable electricity via aggregation contracted with a provider of solar and/or wind power.

That appropriate city staff make 100% renewable electricity aggregation an immediate and urgent priority and negotiate such a contract on behalf of the city.

That appropriate city staff work with the Sustainability Commission to create an effective communication campaign to promote the 100% renewable electricity aggregation to residents in simple and clear ways that:
a. Explain such aggregation as urgent and necessary climate change mitigation,
b. Inform about the benefits of 100% renewable electricity aggregation, and
c. Inform about the ‘opt out’ option.

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