The June EGG350 monthly gathering took place Monday, 06/21/2021, starting ~6:30p. The event included a couple notes from EGG350 and a special presentation from Clayton D of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.

EGG350 Meeting Notes

Recycling Conference

This event with Kane County Recycles‘ Jennifer Jarland, scheduled for 09/11/2021, has been postponed until 2022. Details about next year’s recycling conference later. Meantime, according to Robin, SCARCE (School & Community Assistance for Recycling & Composting Education) has a webinar later this year on Repair & Reuse.

Renewable Energy

Worldwide, $300 billion is spent each year on renewable energy. G.P. Yeh, EGG350’s guest from Fermilab, urges us to work as hard as possible to help the transition to renewables. For instance, we need to reduce the amount of emissions from fossil fuels by about half by 2030. Right now, according to Yeh, all of us across the globe emit 1 million tons per hour.

On the plus side, wind turbines and solar farms are going up everywhere and traditional farming can continue around them. Yeh noted sheep can graze around them, and Mary Alice M added pollinators can be planted under them.

Summary: SUWA Presentation

The photo with this entry is of Arch Canyon / Bears Ears Monument near Blanding UT, courtesy Clayton D.


In 1997, Senator Durbin was the first Senator to sponsor America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act. Since then, 14 Senators have joined with 63 additional sponsors from the House. Along with Senator Durbin, Illinois sponsors include Senator Duckworth and Representatives Underwood, Casten, Foster and Krishnamoorthi.

As constituents, a quick and easy way to thank these sponsoring members is to text ARRWA to 52886. You can also do the ‘click & send’ form HERE. Always important to say thank you; so, if you haven’t yet, please do.

WH Plans

The White House intends to reduce emissions by 45% by 2030. Per Clayton, this would help keep us within the safer 1.5 maximum temperature increase (degrees C). Or, if reductions are by 37%, we might be able to stay under the 2.0 increase, according to Clayton. However, we are already seeing the results of about a 1-degree increase.

RRW Film

The special feature of this presentation (and the reason for using SUWA’s Zoom platform) was the movie about the Red Rock Wilderness, the last wilderness area in the United States to save for future generations, as well as for us.

When hiking here, some areas are very specific about following the exact path because the crust, called crypto-biotic, is composed of soil, lichen, algae and mosses which take 20 years to regrow. This is similar to areas in the upper regions of the Rockies where straying off the paths damages the fragile tundra, taking decades to reform. Many Native American tribes call this area sacred.

As Mary Alice noted, the motto is “Don’t Bust The Crust”.

Preservation Hopes

Of the entire hoped for perseveration area, so far, 1.1 million acres are designated wilderness, 2.6 million are included in the Wilderness Study Area, and another 1.1 million acres are hoped to be added to the preservation area. While that adds up to 4.8 million acres, that total is only about half of what was originally wanted as preserved.

Q&A Notes

Yeh reminded us to do a map to preserve these and other areas.

We need to “start with your heart” in protecting any wildlife or nature areas. After all, “once it’s gone, it’s gone”.

Many more thousands of Native American relics, photographs and ceremonial herbs are located in these areas.

Check out the 2-minute ARRWA and Climate video (& other videos) HERE.

See the co-sponsors of the ARRWA in the United States Senate HERE and in the United States House HERE.

Read more about the links between ARRWA and climate change HERE.

Download and read this handout about renewing the establishment of Wilderness Study Areas.

Download and read this basic ARRWA fact sheet.


Meeting Notes submitted by Sandy Kaptain, Chair.

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