The May EGG350 monthly gathering took place Monday, 05/17/2021, starting ~6:30p. The event included a number of notable announcements and a presentation from The Junkluggers.

EGG350 Meeting Notes

Programs at GBPL

Starting this September, EGG350 (with the League Of Women Voters) will host 6 programs at Elgin’s Gail Borden Public Library! We are seeking help from members to contact experts by email or phone to go online with Robin and Sandy for Q&A sessions. Will you help?

Elgin’s Gail Borden Public Library (photo by Carl Missele)

EGG350 Zoom

With this new option, you can sign in by phone as well. Joan M joined us this way. We were glad she was with us.

ESC Takes Recommendation

The Elgin Sustainability Commission recently voted to take the Elgin Area Climate Action Now‘s recommendation to seek an agreement to offer city-wide aggregation of renewable energy for electricity through ComEd and a renewable energy company. If approved by the Elgin City Council (and bids requested), this could translate to Elginites again having renewable energy as an option for electricity. The plan might be at NO extra cost, or at less cost than current rates.

‘Green’ electricity throughout Elgin would be a great ‘green’ gain for the city and area. This option (customers would have to Opt In) could have the potential of being the easiest and cheapest way for all of us to obtain renewable energy.

Plastic Bag Ordinance

The Waste Working Group is currently working to get an ordinance passed regarding plastic bags, according to Robin. Evanston, Chicago, Woodstock and Oak Park are among area communities already leading the way with plastic bag ordinances. The City Of Elgin had considered a measure before, but decided to wait because Illinois was thinking about it then, though never proceeded.

In related news, Chris K reported that Mavis B and the Energy & Environment Committee may propose a bag ban for all of Kane County.

Recycled Toilet Paper

Cascade toilet paper, unbleached and from 100% post-consumer waste, is now available under the name Elementree, according to Robin. Orders must be placed online; you can opt to pick it up or have it delivered.

Sandy buys Seventh Generation unbleached recycled toilet paper from Amazon, delivered.

Looking Ahead

EGG350’s June Monthly Meeting will take place 06/21/2021, starting ~6:30p, featuring a special presentation by Clayton D of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and Sierra Club about saving one of the last wilderness areas in the United States from mining and development. Read more details on the “Monthly EGG350” page HERE, including a link to register (required) for the particular Zoom being utilized to enable a special video showing.

Summary: The Junkluggers Presentation

Samantha Creadon and Bob Schmitt of The Junkluggers started their program with their stated mission: Lug Junk.

Business Goals

The Junkluggers have 3 goals in mind when they collect your unwanted items.
1 … Donate as much as possible to resale agencies such as GoodWill, ReStore and Earth911.
2 … Recycle as much as possible, which sometimes requires disassembling items. For instance, when a couch is not accepted at a donation facility, it is taken apart to recycle the parts. The wood is re-used, while the springs, steel mesh and fabric are recycled. The foam, however, must be landfilled.
3 … Send as little as possible to landfills.

Notable Details

Chemicals, oil paints and stains are not accepted; latex is OK.
The Junkluggers cannot recycle hard plastics or foam.
Customers are given a 2-hour window of arrival.
Rates are charged per quotes given, never higher but can be lower.
Those interested in services may contact Samantha Creadon at 331-808-5780.

Presentation Video

EGG350 is grateful to The Junkluggers for recording part of the meeting, which can be seen HERE.

Kane County & Elgin Notes

Only 30-35% of our waste is recycled by Kane County, according to Jennifer J.
100% renewable energy is used in Kane County Forest Preserves under a 5-year contract, per Chris K.
Elgin composts food and grass clippings (which can be mulched back into your yard) for a monthly fee.


Meeting Notes submitted by Sandy Kaptain, Chair.

Bonus: In Case You Missed It

Did you know that Lake Zurich has joined the ranks of Illinois communities offering a styrofoam recycling drop off? Check out the EGG350 Facebook post about this HERE! For more details, read the Local Newsreader article HERE.

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