The 1st EGG350 monthly gathering of this year took place Monday, 01/18/2021, starting ~6:30p. It was a “round window” online discussion, which began with Robin noting her winterberry plants, which she’d obtained from a Byron IL nursery, are not producing many berries. Mary Alice mentioned the Northern Kane County Wild Ones have native plant sales twice a year. Read the below meeting notes for more details.

Wood Wide Web

Chris, who founded Green Guerrilla, said he does soil amending with his compost tea for soil fertility. He uses almost exclusively non-fossil fuel tools because, of note, all lawnmowers and yard tools have a combined fossil fuel discharge from gas filling equal to 17 millions gallons. This is more than was lost with the Exxon Valdez.

This led to Sandy and Robin discussing healthy soil and the need to avoid tilling, even shoveling excessively. Any action disturbing the soil disrupts the mycelium growing, forming a network in healthy soil. The cellular growths of mycelium are threads of fungal growth intertwining with plant roots, making it possible for trees and plants to communicate with each other. This network is sometimes called the “wood wide web”! Trees send down sugars and carbon while the mycelium protects trees by sending chemical alerts of possible threats by invasive insects or other dangers. Simply put, dirt is degraded soil that lacks organic matter and mycelium and is little more than minerals. Soil is a living environment of mycelium, insects, microorganisms, roots and more.


Robin advised that bubble wrap, styrofoam, CDs and VHS tapes can now be recycled at recycling centers, but black plastic is NOT recyclable in recycling bins.

Robin is collecting 4 types of recyclable items:
used razors, foamy shaving cream cans, and Gillette products-packaging
toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes and packaging
pens, pencils
cigarette butts, plastic cigarette packaging and cigarette foil wrappings
Contact EGG350 for where to drop off any of these items.


Chris, a member of the Elgin Sustainability Commission, reported the group is looking to get an ICLEI study done to update Elgin’s greenhouse gas emissions. Chris, also on the Green Infrastructure Working Group, added that ESC will promote green events by community groups.


Bill (who is on the Illinois Stewardship Alliance) reported on the climate tables being formed through the Illinois Environmental Council. He talked about the many soil and agriculture groups being formed, especially in downstate Illinois.


Jim gave a brief summary of Start In Your Yard, a project of the Northern Kane County Wild Ones. A special Community Read, co-sponsored by the Gail Borden Public Library, is happening now. For details, visit the “Events EGG350” page.

Upcoming Programs

In February, Community Solar will be the focus of a presentation and discussion.

In March, the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) will take center stage. It is hoped this legislation will pass this spring to continue the growth of renewable energy, which began with the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA).

Stay tuned!

Misc Meeting Notes & End

Robin noted it is a good idea to read Kane County Connects, featuring local, relevant info, along with nature details by Pam Otto. For additional places to check out, visit the “Resources EGG350” page.

Robin also indicated she plans to purchase an Aptera vehicle that gets 1,000 miles to a charge.

The meeting adjourned ~7:45p.

Meeting Notes submitted by Sandy Kaptain, Chair.

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