Happy New Year! Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021. Are you ready to get more involved THIS year?

The latest EGG350 monthly online gathering, which was informal and interesting, took place last year, Monday, 12/21/2020, just over 2 weeks after the Elgin City Council voted to hire a Chief Sustainability Officer. Read the below meeting notes for more details.


Nancy Lamia and Jean Muntz, of the Northern Kane County Wild Ones (NKCWO), reviewed the Start In Your Yard (SIYY) efforts. The Elgin Sustainability Commission, during its December meeting, granted money to the chapter for the SIYY project. The funds will be used for sign, plans and seeds to help people get started on growing native plants in their yards.

NKCWO plans to show the Kiss The Ground movie, Thursday, January 21, 2021. EGG350 is considering a screening of the film as well, but may team up with NKCWO for this event. More information to be available later. Stay tuned!


Robin Migalla reported the Waste Recycling Team is active. Updates will be available later. In November, Robin became sick with COVID-19; she is thankfully doing well now!


EGG350’s new website and Facebook page, set up by Cort Stevens (EGG350’s consultant via his CD Consulting Service business), was announced. The Facebook page recently had a special “Sharing Season Series” featuring posts from related groups and organizations.

Cort is working to better position and market our pages. This includes reaching out to similar organizations, including non-profits, to establish connections. Such alliances would be designed to increase awareness, discussions and actions.

This year, we hope to get more of Elgin’s green-environmental groups using our website and interacting on our Facebook page and Facebook group to share information with more people.


The gathering adjourned with Holiday wishes for being safe and having a good time.

Stay tuned for details for EGG350’s next Monthly Meeting, Monday, January 18, 2021.

Remember to GO GREEN!

~Sandy Kaptain, Chair

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