The latest EGG350 monthly online gathering took place online, Monday, 11/16/2020. Continue reading the meeting notes for pertinent information.

SIYY Event

The meeting kicked off with Jim H’s review of what the Northern Kane County Wild Ones (NKCWO) are doing with the Start In Your Yard (SIYY) project, which is also supported by Gail Borden Public Library (GBPL).

A community read is being planned for early 2021 with Douglas Tallamy’s book Nature’s Best Hope. The event will include a review and follow-up presentations with discussions on putting plans into action, doing SIYY.

Speakers will present The How Tos & Getting Started virtually, organized by GBPL.

Also, Prof. Don W (who wrote this letter earlier this year) will speak on the principles of SIYY: what to grow where, resources, soil preferences and more.

GBPL will note the dates on their website and NKCWO will post information on their Facebook page.

KCB Updates

Chris K, a Kane County Board (KCB) member & an Energy & Environment Subcommittee member, gave an update on three county-level items.

First, the Waste Management plan is finalized.

Second, the solar roof (covering 40 x 50 square feet) on the animal control building is working well. Paperwork requirements had delayed its installation.

Third, the KCB passed an ordinance that any new building must go through the Energy & Environment Subcommittee to check on renewable energy codes before getting permitted.

Robin M followed up on the Waste Management plan, noting it discusses newer concepts of a circular economy. Rather than focus on recycling, companies should consider packaging this way to start. Those who want to do so as soon as possible should shop at co-ops where you can bring your own containers.

Robin also suggested people should consider recycling electronic or other items locally first, since people are frequently looking for such items!

Wrap-up & Holiday Thoughts

The meeting ended ~7:30p. Stay tuned for details regarding EGG350’s next monthly meeting, Monday, 12/21/2020.

Words to all: take care and be safe, especially these Holidays.

Many of us are planning small holiday dinners this Thanksgiving, but we can ‘skip’ this year to be sure we can enjoy next year’s celebration.

Be safe and thankful for all we have right now … and GO GREEN!

~Sandy Kaptain

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