Join us Monday, 11/16/2020, 6:30p-8p CT, for our monthly meeting! We currently meet virtually due to COVID-19. Details for this month’s edition are below; prior meetings and general info can be found on the Monthly EGG350 page here.

Discussion Questions

What are your plans for SIYY (Start In Your Yard)?
What are you doing about green electricity?
How is the recycling going?
Excited about being part of the Paris Climate Accord again?
Want to join Occupy Elgin for our green months?
What is CCL up to? SOIL? Sierra Club?

Let’s SHARE and Go Greener together!

Note the following info:

We are now using Jitsy instead of Zoom!

Click the following link to join the meeting:

Or, if you want to dial in via your phone:
+1.512.647.1431 PIN: 2091805854#

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