Check out the information below for some good news about ‘green’ cement, a review of climate terminology and some trivia.

Green Cement

A Canadian green start-up, Nexii Buildings Solutions, aims to solve the carbon emissions issue in construction. Their product allows for rapid construction while being a near-zero carbon alternative to cement. Read more in this downloadable PDF:

Climate Terminology

For the 4th straight year, global leaders have “cited the impact and likelihood of environmental threats as the greatest perils facing the globe in the next decade.” Stacker compiled 25 terms related to climate change and noted their meanings and significance. Read about them in this downloadable PDF:

Did you know?

Scientists say we have about 10 years to make big changes regarding our climate.

We can all do a part!

At our next online meeting (via Jitsi, like zoom), I hope we can all share what things we all do to be ‘part of the solutions.’  Green, greener, greenest!

~Sandy Kaptain

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